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Calla Collection

Hand blown, sculpted glass crystal calla lillies suspend from beautifully finished metal components.

Made by John Pomp Studios


With an attentive eye for beauty and an unwavering discipline for craft, John Pomp has spent over 20 years perfecting the art of making glass. Classically trained in the Murano glass tradition, but inspired by the organic imperfections found in nature, John’s furniture and lighting pieces reflect the sophistication and beauty of a true artist. Each piece is not only finely crafted, it celebrates the hands that brought it to life.



Calla Chandelier
2 tiers - approx.  60”W x 48”D* x 9”H(4 glass)

3 tiers - approx.  70”W x 52”D* x 12”H

4 tiers - approx.  80”W x 66”D* x 14.5”H


Calla Mobile
3 glass pieces - approx.  60”W x 36”D

5 glass pieces - approx.  84”W x 48”D

7 glass pieces - approx. 108”W x 60”D

9 glass pieces - approx. 120”W x 84”D


Calla Pendant

Large - 12”W x 9”D x 3”H/Small - 9”W x 7”D x 3”H

Materials & Options

Glass Crystal Color - clear, olivine*, opaline*, sepia*, smoke*,
topaz, gold leaf

Glass Crystal Finish - standard, soft etched, with iridescence

Metal - brushed brass, oil rubbed blackened steel*, light oil rubbed
blackened steel*, brushed silver*, oxidized brass*

*premium finish - refer to price guide for additional charges


6W incandescent bulb per socket included

Contact Us

Contact Hollace Cluny for more information at 416 968 7894 or send us an inquiry.

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