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Twenty Five bed

Inspired by the work of Carlo Scarpa, Charlotte Perriand and Josef Frank, Twenty-Five Bed features a special edition woven headboard made from junco, a material commonly used in Portugal to make baskets and handbags. Rather than working with a pre-fabricated mat, De La Espada uses the timber frame of the headboard as a loom upon which the junco is woven, with Danish paper cord used for the warp. As the junco is naturally relatively short in length, the back of the headboard features the cut ends of the grass, highlighting the material's nature and the laborious handwork that goes into creating each unique piece. With its slender frame and relatively small footprint, this bed is suitable for compact spaces, while its headboard, beautiful from all sides, makes it ideal for use in the centre of a room.

Made by De La Espada

De La Espada was founded in 1993 by Luis De Oliveira and Fatima De La Espada. Hailing from Porto and Madrid respectively and educated in London, the founders opened the first De La Espada store in London in 1996, when there was comparatively little quality contemporary furniture in the city. The De La Espada aesthetic evolved from influences including the Arts and Crafts movement, architects such as Tadao Ando, Luis Barragán, John Pawson, and Álvaro Siza, and Scandinavian design from the 1950s. De La Espada operated as a designer/manufacturer/retailer of our own products until 2007 when we began to enter into the second phase of the business.

Since 2007, we have taken a more collaborative approach, working closely with carefully selected design partners and retailers across the world, combining expertise and exchanging cultures, friendships, and ideas.




684AQ (US) queen (fits mattress W60 × L80 " | 153 x 203 cm)
W165 x L218 x H120 cm
W65 x L85 4/5 x H47 1/4

684AK (US) king (fits mattress W76 × L80 " | 193 x 203 cm)
W205 x L218 x H120 cm
W80 3/4 x L85 4/5 x H47 1/4

684AC california king (fits mattress W72 × L84 " |  183 x 213.5 cm)
W195 x L228.5 x H120 cm
W76 4/5 x L90 x H47 1/4

Materials & Options

Available in black walnut, white oak, or ash in a range of finishes and junco.

Contact Us

Contact Hollace Cluny for more information at 416 968 7894 or send us an inquiry.

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