Sophie Cook

Country: England

Sophie cook studied ceramics at Camberwell School of Arts from 1994 to 1997. Her current work, thrown on a wheel, is a series of porcelain vessels in vibrant glazes that embody subtle, sculptural shapes. These shapes create fluid, almost luminous forms giving a contemporary feel to a traditional craft.

Award-winning ceramics designer Sophie Cook works from her London studio. Her bottles, pods and teardrops play with both colour and form. Each piece is hand made and is said to be considered as a “three dimensional still life that, when viewed from different angles, creates new relationships between the pieces. Even differing light can subtly change their appearance and sometimes create luminosity around their silhouette, emphasizing the slight translucency of the porcelain”. A favourite with celebrities, her works have been purchased by Georgio Armani, Jennifer Aniston and Elton John. Beautiful when displayed individually and in groups.


Products by Sophie Cook

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