Mogens Lassen - Carl Hansen

Danish architect Mogens Lassen became one of the pioneers of ‘modernism’ in Denmark, where Le Corbusier’s work and ideas fed Lassen’s own cubist architectural ideals. As a building engineer, Mogens Lassen spearheaded the use of concrete as a technique for constructing buildings in Denmark – yet always drew his inspiration from nature. A trip to Paris in 1927-28 sparked Lassen’s interest in Le Corbusier’s ideas about the home as a tool for a freer lifestyle. Introducing mezzanine floors in high-ceilinged rooms, for example, offered one way to free the home from the constraints of habitual thinking.

He designed furniture, furnishings and furnishing accessories. Even if his steel furniture pieces from the 1930s are original examples of the innovations of international modernism, it is, above all, his pieces of simple, functional wooden furniture, like his folding Egyptian coffee table, that have gone on to become furniture classics.


Products by Mogens Lassen - Carl Hansen

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