Garota Collection

Designed by Bover

In 1996, Joana Bover founded Bover in Barcelona, Spain. Born from napkin sketches scribbled down at a restaurant, the Bover brand now ships its diverse product profile around the world. Today, a full team of respected designers joins Joana Bover in creating new lighting experiences for people everywhere.

Despite the continuing growth of the Bover brand, Joana Bover has maintained pursuit of her original vision. She believes in timeless design, a balance between quality and price, and in defending the rights of the designers that painstakingly realize Bover products.


GAROTA, inspired by a sea urchin's shell, offers us a warm and dispersed light; wrapped in organic, rounded and subtle forms; designed to indistinctly accompany us in interior and exterior areas.


Garota A/01: D 32,50cm/12.80" - ∅ 27cm/10.63"
Garota M/36: H 35,50cm/13.98" - ∅ 27cm/10.63"
Garota P/01: H 61cm/24.02" - ∅ 72cm/28.35"
Garota P/02: H 132,80cm/52.28" - ∅ 72cm/28.35"
Garota S/01: H 200cm/78.74" - ∅ 27cm/10.63"
Garota S/02: H 108-229cm/42.52-90.16" - ∅ 72cm/28.35"
Garota PF/01: H 22,50cm/8.86" - ∅ 27cm/10.63"
Garota PF/02: H 56cm/22.05" - ∅ 72cm/28.35"
Garota Hang: H 16cm/6.30" - ∅ 27cm/10.63" - L 350cm/137.80"

Materials & Options

Natural White Brown Ivory White Shade Brown Shade


Garota A/01: 1x9W LED
Garota M/36: 1x9W LED
Garota P/01: 2 x 20 W E26 Triple CFL - 2 x 10 W E26 A19 Led
Garota P/02: 2 x 20 W E26 Triple CFL - 2 x 10 W E26 A19 Led
Garota S/01: 1x9W LED
Garota S/02: 2 x 20 W E26 Triple CFL - 2 x 10 W E26 A19 Led
Garota PF/01: 1x9W LED
Garota PF/02: 2 x 20 W E26 Triple CFL - 2 x 10 W E26 A19 Led
Garota Hang: 1x9W LED

Contact Us

Contact Hollace Cluny for more information at 416 968 7894 or send us an inquiry.
  • 245 Davenport Rd.
    First Floor
    Toronto, ON
    M5R 1K1
  • Showroom is open Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm. Saturdays by appointment only. Sundays closed.

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Garota Collection

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