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In 1996, Joana Bover founded Bover in Barcelona, Spain. Born from napkin sketches scribbled down at a restaurant, the Bover brand now ships its diverse product profile around the world. Today, a full team of respected designers joins Joana Bover in creating new lighting experiences for people everywhere.

Despite the continuing growth of the Bover brand, Joana Bover has maintained pursuit of her original vision. She believes in timeless design, a balance between quality and price, and in defending the rights of the designers that painstakingly realize Bover products.


CORNET is a highly technical project, yet full of life. Its form is harmonious, organic and it blends in with nature where there are no straight lines. In the words of Alex Fernández Camps: “Cornet surprised me during the process, and still amazes me every time I see it. The projects are generous with those who are a part of them, always creating experiences to remember. Especially Cornet.”

Cornet has a personality strongly rooted in nature and it brightens the space it is in.

It is a lamp made of polyurethane, which is a hard and resistant material that is perfect for public spaces. The Cornet’s use is very versatile.

It is mainly used as a bollard lamp but can quickly connect with a wider reality: interior wall lamps, or the post version for intermediate spaces. In all of its designs, Cornet includes a dimmable LED source that distributes light through the lamp’s undulating layers, creating an atmosphere that is natural, slightly broken, but never dominant.

Cornet is a highly technical project, yet full of life.


Cornet B/27: H 27cm/10.63" - ∅ 25.6cm/10.07"
Cornet B/52: H 52cm/20.47" - ∅ 25.6cm/10.07"
Cornet B/77: H 77cm/30.31" - ∅ 25.6cm/10.07"
Cornet A/01: H 10cm/3.94" - ∅ 26,5cm/10.43"



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Cornet Collection

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