Textures to Inspire

Adding texture to create warmth and visual interest in a space is not new for interior designers, but artisans and makers now more than ever are drawing inspiration from unexpected sources, materials and techniques to create new products.


Charred wood has been used in Japan, known as Shou Sugi Ban for many years to protect the wood from moisture. Now, we see it being used on interior furniture pieces to add texture to the wood and some artisans incorporate additional charred materials to create further depth to the texture


Senufo Stool Nails by Arno DeClercq

Arno DeClercq has added burned nails into his much-loved Senufo Stool.

The result is a true statement piece.

Cubes by Apa Furniture

Marcello Apa has created his cubes using a charring technique

on ash,  finishing them off with a brass inlay detail.


Fibreglass is used mostly on vehicles and boats, but we’re seeing it more often in interior projects, including furniture and lighting. While the material can take on the texture of the mould, inspiration is also found in the texture of the raw material itself.



E42 Table by ImperfettoLab.

Incorporating the raw fibreglass material into the design, ImperfettoLab has

introduced  several collections with this finish in both black and white.


Moonstone by Giopato & Coombes

Moonstone is a collection of multifaceted pendant lamps inspired by organic rock

sculptures in a selection of interesting shapes.


Without a doubt, Satin and Suede conjure thoughts of pure luxury. When used as inspiration for lighting, it will definitely bring drama into the space while adding texture to lighting that is always unexpected.


Arrow by Apparatus Studio

Another favourite lighting option from Apparatus Studio, available in small and large,

the Arrow allows  you to choose from a selection of contrasting suede and leather options

to create a simple yet dramatic lighting installation.

Starlet by Apparatus Studio

One of their newest collections, Starlet incorporates satin and suede. While both the suede and satin

are thesame colour, the contrasting textures create more depth, providing a greater sense of luxury.

Adding Hand-Painted-Silk Fibre is an unexpected and luxurious material which creates variations in colour and adds warmth and softness to otherwise cool and hard surfaces.


Half-Moon Mirror by Ben and Aja Blanc

A large-scale mirror reminiscent of a half moon partnered with hand-spun, hand-painted silk fibre.

Natural Long-Haired-Sheep’s Wool adds an additional layer of texture and softness while providing a sense of the raw and wild. The variation in colours also adds depth to the wool texture.

Senufo Ottoman by Arno Declercq

Available in natural walnut or charred iroko wood, Arno Declercq continues to

surprise and delight while allowing the material to guide him in his designs.



Stoneware has many practical and decorative applications. Used for vessels, dinnerware and objets, most homes have several examples of stoneware. However, the opportunity to add layers of earthen texture to the walls is bold and unexpected.


Stoneware & Hemp Wallhanging by MQuan Studio

Strands of tapered white stoneware discs knotted together with twine and assembled on

hemp rope combine to create stunning works-of-art by Michele Quan.



Parchment has been used as a writing material for thousands of years. However, incorporating it into use for lighting and furniture as an unexpected additional layer of texture is very much a new and inspired technique.

Fumoir Armchair by Pierre Augustin Rose

Architectural without formality, this Bauhaus inspired armchair features a unique parchment assemblage.

L’Arc Swivel Sconce by Materia Designs

L’Arc was designed with maximum configurability in mind. The brass arms allow you to shed light

exactly where you want it.


Horsehair is not a new material when used in upholstered goods, but allowing its natural beauty to take centre stage in lighting and decorative items, always creates an impact.

Horsehair Sconce by Apparatus Studio

Highly coveted, the Horsehair sconce illuminates the beauty of Apparatus metal finishes with

palomino, jet black and flaxen horsehair.

Hera Mirror by Ben & Aja Blanc

The Hera mirror partners Mongolian horsehair and mirror to create a

juxtaposition of material and texture. Shown with Essex Antique Mirror.




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